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An Internet exchange point (IX or IXP) is a physical infrastructure that allows different Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to exchange Internet traffic between their networks (autonomous systems) by means of mutual peering agreements, which allow traffic to be exchanged without cost.

IXPs reduce the portion of an ISP's traffic which must be delivered via their upstream transit providers, thereby reducing the Average Per-Bit Delivery Cost of their service. Furthermore, the increased number of paths learned through the IXP improves routing efficiency and fault-tolerance.

The primary purpose of an IXP is to allow networks to interconnect directly, via the exchange, rather than through one or more 3rd party networks. The advantages of the direct interconnection are numerous, but the primary reasons are cost, latency, and bandwidth. Traffic passing through an exchange is typically not billed by any party, whereas traffic to an ISP's upstream provider is.


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CC Country, City Internet Exchange Point Mnemonic
AE United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Emirates Internet Exchange EMIX
AN Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao The Caribbean Internet Exchange CAR-IX
AO Angola, Luanda Angola Internet Exchange Point ANG-IXP
AR Argentina, Buenos Aires NAP Cabase NAP Cabase
AT Austria, Klagenfurt Alpes Adria Internet Exchange AAIX
AT Austria, Vienna Vienna Internet Exchange VIX
AU Australia, Melbourne GlobalCenter Internet Exchange AUSIX
AU Australia, Perth Western Australian Internet Exchange WAIX
BD Bangladesh, Dhaka Bangladesh Internet Exchange BDIX
BE Belgium, Brussels/other Belgian National Internet Exchange BNIX
BE Belgium, Zaventem/other Free Belgian Internet Exchange FreeBIX
BG Bulgaria, Sofia Bulgarian Internet eXchange BIX.BG
BH Bahrain, Manama Gateway Gulf Internet Exchange GIX
BR Brazil, Brasília Ponto Federal de Interconexão de Redes FIX
BR Brazil, São Paulo Brazilian Internet Exchange PTT Metro
CA Canada, Calgary Calgary Internet Exchange YYCIX
CA Canada, Montreal Quebec Internet Exchange QIX
CA Canada, Ottawa Ottowa Internet Exchange OTTIX
CA Canada, Toronto Greater Toronto International Internet Exchange GTIIX
CA Canada, Toronto Toronto Internet Exchange TorIX
CA Canada, Vancouver/other PEER 1 Internet Exchange PIX
CA Canada, Vancouver British Columbia Internet Exchange BCIX/VICTX/
CA Canada, Winnipeg Winnipeg Internet Exchange WPGIX
CD Congo-Kinshasa, Kinshasa Kinshasa Internet Exchange KINIX
CH Switzerland, Bern/other Swiss Internet Exchange SwissIX
CH Switzerland, Geneva CERN Internet Exchange Point CIXP
CH Switzerland, Zurich IXEurope Zurich Internet Exchange TIX
CL Chile, Santiago NAP Chile ---
CO Colombia, Bogotá NAP Columbia ---
CY Cyprus, Nicosia/other Cyprus Internet Exchange CyIX
CZ Czech Republic, Prague Czech Republic Neutral Internet Exchange NIX.CZ
DE Germany, Berlin Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange BCIX
DE Germany, Berlin/other European Commercial Internet Exchange ECIX
DE Germany, Darmstadt Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt MANDA
DE Germany, Frankfurt DataIX Internet Exchange DataIX
DE Germany, Frankfurt Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange DE-CIX
DE Germany, Frankfurt Frankfurt Network Access Point FraNAP
DE Germany, Frankfurt KleyReX Internet Exchange KleyReX
DE Germany, Hamburg Work-IX Hamburg WORK-IX
DE Germany, Munich ALP-IX Munich ALP-IX
DE Germany, Munich INXS Neutral Internet Exchange Point INXS
DE Germany, Nürnberg Nürnberger Internet Exchange N-IX
DK Denmark, Copenhagen Danish Internet Exchange Point DIX
EE Estonia, Tallinn Tallinn Internet Exchange TIX
EG Egypt, Cairo Middle East Internet eXchange (GPX Egypt) MEIX
ES Spain, Barcelona Catalunya Neutral Internet Exchange CATNIX
ES Spain, Madrid Spain Internet Exchange EspaNix
ES Spain, Santiago de Compostela Galicia Internet Exchange GALNIX
FI Finland, Helsinki Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange FICIX
FI Finland, Tampere Tampere Region Exchange TREX
FR France, Lyon Lyon Global Internet eXchange LYONIX
FR France, Paris/other France-IX Convergence Hub FRANCE-IX
FR France, Paris French National Internet Exchange IPv6 FNIX6
FR France, Paris Paris Internet Exchange PARIX
FR France, Paris Paris Operators for Universal Internet Exchange POUIX
FR France, Paris Service for French Internet Exchange SFINX
FR France, Paris/other Free Internet Exchange Point FreeIX
FR France, Strasbourg EuroGIX EuroGIX
FR Paris, Paris/other Acropolis Telecom European VoIP Exchange Node MIXT
GR Greece, Athens Athens Internet Exchange AIX
HK Hong Kong, Hong Kong AMS-IX Hong Kong AMS-IX HK
HK Hong Kong, Hong Kong Hong Kong Internet Exchange HKIX
HR Croatia, Zagreb Croatian Internet Exchange CIX
HU Hungary, Budapest Budapest Internet Exchange BIX
ID Indonesia, Jakarta Biznet Internet Exchange BIX
ID Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia Internet Exchange IIX
IE Ireland, Dublin Internet Neutral Exchange INEX
IL Israel, Tel Aviv Israeli Internet Exchange IIX
IN India, New Delhi National Internet Exchange of India NIXI
IS Island, Reykjavik Reykjavik Internet Exchange RIX
IT Italy, Florence Tuscany Internet Exchange TIX
IT Italy, Milan Milan Internet Exchange MIX
IT Italy, Rome Nautilus Mediterranean Exchange Point NaMeX
IT Italy, Torino Torino Piemonte Internet Exchange TOP-IX
JP Japan, Tokyo/Osaka Internet Multifeed Co. JPNAP Service JPNAP
JP Japan, Tokyo Experimental IPv6-based Internet Exchange NSPIXP-6
JP Japan, Tokyo Japan Internet Exchange JPIX
JP Japan, Tokyo/other Broadband Internet Exchange BBIX
KE Kenya, Nairobi Kenya Internet Exchange Point KIXP
KR Korea, Seoul DACOM Boranet Internet Exchange LGDACOM IX
KR Korea, Seoul Korea Internet Neutral Exchange Center KINX
LU Luxembourg, Luxembourg Luxembourg Internet Exchange LIX
LU Luxembourg, Luxembourg Luxembourg New Commercial Internet Exchange LU-CIX
LV Latvia, Riga Latvian Internet Exchange LIX
LV Latvia, Riga Santa Monica Internet Local Exchange SMILE
MN Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar Open Mongolian Internet Exchange OpenMIX
MT Malta, Malta Malta Internet Exchange MIX
MU Mauritius, Ebene City Mauritius Internet Exchange MIXP
MZ Mozambique, Maputo Mozambique Internet Exchange MOS-IX
NG Nigeria, Lagos Internet eXchange Point of Nigeria IXPN
NL Netherlands, Amsterdam Amsterdam Internet Exchange AMS-IX
NL Netherlands, Enschede Dutch-German Internet Exchange NDIX
NL Netherlands, Groningen Groningen Internet Exchange GN-IX
NL Netherlands, Rotterdam Rotterdam Internet Exchange R-IX
NL Netherlands, several cities Netherlands Internet Exchange NL-IX
NO Norway, Oslo Norwegian Internet Exchange NIX
NP Nepal, Kathmandu Nepal Internet Exchange NPIX
NZ New Zealand, Auckland Auckland Peering Exchange APE
NZ New Zealand, Hamilton New Zealand Internet Exchange NZIX
NZ New Zealand, Wellington Wellington Internet Exchange WIX
PE Perú, Lima NAP Perú NAPerú
PH Philippines, Makati City Manila Internet Exchange MIX
PH Philippines, Makati City Philippine Internet Exchange PHIX
PH Philippines, Makati City Philippine Open Internet Exchange PHOpenIX
PH Philippines, Quezon City PHNET Common Routing Exchange CORE
PL Poland, Warsaw ATMAN AC-X Internet Exchange AC-X
PL Poland, Warsaw Polish Internet eXchange PL-IX
PL Poland, Poznan Poznan Internet Exchange PIX
PL Poland, Warsaw Warsaw Internet Exchange WIX
PR Puerto Rico, San Juan Internet Exchange of Puerto Rico IX.PR
PT Portugal, Lisbon Gigabit Portuguese Internet Exchange GigaPIX
RO Romania, Bucharest Balcan-IX Public Internet Exchange B-IX
RO Romania, Bucharest Bucharest Internet Exchange BUHIX
RO Romania, Bucharest InterLan Internet Exchange ---
RO Romania, Bucharest Romanian Internet Exchange RONIX
RO Romania, Constanta Tomis Internet Exchange TomIX
RU Russia, Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Peering Point CHEL-IX
RU Russia, Moscow/other DataIX Internet Exchange DataIX
RU Russia, Moscow Moscow Internet Exchange MSK-IX
RU Russia, Saint Petersburg Cyrillic Internet Exchange MPIX
RU Russia, Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk Internet Exchange ULN-IX
SE Sweden, Stockholm Netnod Swedish Internet Exchange NETNOD
SE Sweden, Stockholm/other Stockholm Open Local Internet Exchange SOLIX
SG Singapore, Singapore SingTel Internet Exchange STIX
SG Singapore, Singapore Singapore Internet Exchange SGIX
SG Singapore, Singapore Singapore Open Exchange SOX
SK Slovakia, Bratislava Slovak Internet Exchange SIX
TH Thailand, Bangkok ThaiSarn Public Internet Exchange PIE
TR Turkey, Istanbul Turkish Internet Exchange TIX
TW Taiwan, Taipei Taiwan Internet Exchange TWIX
TW Taiwan, Taipei Taiwan Network Access Point TNAP
TZ Tanzania, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Internet Exchange TIX
UA Ukraine, Kiev Digital Telecom Internet Exchange DTEL-IX
UA Ukraine, Kiev Ukrainian Internet Exchange UA-IX
UK Scotland, Edinburgh WorldIX Internet Exchange WorldIX
UK United Kingdom, Leeds IXLeeds Internet Exchange IXLeeds
UK United Kingdom, London London Internet Exchange LINX
UK United Kingdom, London London Internet Providers Exchange LIPEX
UK United Kingdom, London London Network Access Point LoNAP
UK United Kingdom, London/other PacketExchange ---
UK United Kingdom, Manchester Manchester Network Access Point MaNAP
US Hawaii, Honolulu Hawaii Internet Exchange HIX
US United States, Albuquerque New Mexico Internet Exchange NMIX
US United States, Billings Yellowstone Regional Internet Exchange YRIX
US United States, Boston/other Boston Metropolitan Exchange Point BMXP
US United States, Buffalo, NY Buffalo Niagara International Internet Exchange BNIIX
US United States, Champaign The Science, Technology, And Research Transit Access Point STAR TAP
US United States, Chicago Chicago Ameritech NAP ---
US United States, Columbus Columbus Internet Exchange CMH-IX
US United States, Los Angeles Los Angeles International Internet Exchange LAIIX
US United States, Los Angeles One Wilshire Any2 Neutral Internet and VoIP Exchange Any2
US United States, Medford Southern Oregon Access Exchange SOAX
US United States, Miami/other TerreMark NAP of the Americas TerreNAP
US United States, New York New York International Internet Exchange NYIIX
US United States, New York The Big Apple Peering Exchange BIG APE
US United States, New York/other Equinix Internet Business Exchange IBX
US United States, Palo Alto/other Switch and Data Neutral Internet Exchange Point PAIX
US United States, Philadelphia MAGPI Research and Educational Internet Exchange MAGPI
US United States, Philadelphia The Philadelphia Internet Exchange PHLIX
US United States, Pittsburgh The Pittsburgh Internet Exchange PITX
US United States, Portland Northwest Access Exchange NWAX
US United States, San Diego San Diego Network Access Point SD-NAP
US United States, Seattle Seattle Internet Exchange SIX
US United States, Utah Utah REP Internet Exchange Point Utah REP
US United States, major cities Verizon MAE Services & Facilities MAE
VN Vietnam, Hanoi Vietnam Internet Exchange VNIX
ZA South Africa, Grahamstown Grahamstown Internet Exchange GINX
ZA South Africa, Johannesburg Johannesburg Internet Exchange JINX


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