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 BGP related Mailinglists

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NANOG by Merit Network, Inc.

[archive] The NANOG mailing list is established to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and the discussion of specific implementation issues that require cooperation among network service providers.

Bogon-Announce by Jared Mauch, Team Cymru, et al

[archive] This list is designed to be a one-way mechanism for announcing new IPv4 and ASN allocations. The purpose is to help networks to adjust their bogon filters in response to new allocations. The list is not intended to be a discussion list on filtering philosophies or methods; there are myriad other fora for such discourse. This list was created so that NOCs and other folks could have a single place to receive only announcements regarding new IPv4 and ASN allocations.

NSP-SEC by Jared Mauch et al

The nsp-security [NSP-SEC] forum is a volunteer incident response mailing list, which coordinates the interaction between ISPs and NSPs in near real-time and tracks exploits and compromised systems as well as mitigates the effects of those exploits on ISP networks. The list has helped mitigate attacks and will continue to do so. Membership in NSP-SEC is restricted to those actively involved in the mitigation of NSP security incidents within organizations in the IP transit, content, and service provider community. Therefore, it will be limited to operators, vendors, researchers, and people in the FIRST community working to stop NSP security incidents. That means no press and (hopefully) none of the "bad guys." It also means that engineers who do not directly work in the core transit/content provider network do not fit the purview of NSP-SEC and should look for other forums.

Cisco-NSP by Jared Mauch et al

[archive] Discussion for ISPs using Cisco routers.

Juniper-NSP by Jared Mauch et al

[archive] Discussion for ISPs using Juniper routers.

Quagga-Users by Paul Jakma, Teun Vink

[archive] Quagga Software Routing Suite Users List.

Quagga-Development by Paul Jakma, Teun Vink

[archive] List for discussion of Quagga development related topics and issues.

RIPE Routing Working Group by RIPE

[archive] This group deals with routing architecture for the European Internet.


[archive] RIS-USERS is a mailing-list that interested parties can subscribe to from our web-pages. It will mainly be used for public announcements and as a forum for discussing RIS' data.

INET-OPS by Stealthgeeks, LLC

Dedicated to those that run/work in operations departments.

InMon Traffic Management by InMon Corp.

[archive] The InMon Traffic Management mailing list provides a forum for anyone interested in InMon Corp. products to share expertise and suggest product enhancements. General discussion of issues relating to traffic management in an enterprise or ISP setting is encouraged (e.g. measurements needed for billing, monitoring switched networks, detecting denial of service attacks etc.)

IETF IDR Working Group by IETF

[archive] Mailinglist for the IDR (Inter-Domain Routing) Working Group at IETF

IETF RPSEC Working Group by IETF

[archive] Mailinglist for the RPSEC (Routing Protocol Security Requirements) Working Group at IETF

European Operators Forum by RIPE

[archive] The European Operators Forum deals with the operational issues of networks in Europe, such as new backbones and Internet Exchange Points.

ISP-BGP by Jupitermedia Corp.

[archive] The ISP-BGP Discussion List is for ISP technicians, network administrators, engineers, Internet architects and other professionals that need to further or share their understanding of the Border Gateway Protocol.

Internet Exchange Construction by Packet Clearing House (PCH)

[archive] This list is for people who are involved in the construction of new Internet exchanges to ask questions and receive answers regarding the technological, organizational, financial, legal, and regulatory issues involved in constructing new exchanges. Both people newly involved in exchange-points and people with considerable previous experience participate in this list, and we strongly recommend it as a source of information and expertise for anyone just starting in the field.

Internet Exchange Ops by Packet Clearing House (PCH)

[archive] This list is for operators of Internet exchange facilities, both peering and transit, to discuss technical and business issues related to the ongoing operation of such facilities.

Peering Discussion by Packet Clearing House (PCH)

[archive] This list is for peering coordinators, exchange-point operators, and the traffic-exchange research community to discuss topical issues and trends in the field of peering and peering economics.


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