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BGP Articles, Links, Whitepapers
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BGP Tools, Utilities, Software
BGP Looking Glasses & Route Servers

15 Years of Policy Routing
Susan Hares, NANOG-30 Meeting, Feb 2004

4-Byte AS Numbers - The View from the Old BGP World
Geoff Huston, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

A BGP-based Mechanism for Lowest-Cost Routing
Rahul Sami et al, Symp. on Principles of Distributed Computing, Jul 2002

A Brief History of Internet Exchanges
Bill Woodcock, Jul 2004

A Configuration-only Approach to FIB Reduction
Paul Francis, Hitesh Ballani, Tuan Cao, RIPE-56 Meeting, May 2008

A First Look at the BGP Beacon Data and some other statistics
Henk Uijterwaal, RIPE-44 Meeting, Jan 2003

A Measurement Framework for Pin-Pointing Routing Changes (Powerpoint)
Renata Teixeira, Jennifer Rexford, Sep 2004

A Model of BGP Routing for Network Engineering
Nick Feamster, Jared Winick, Jennifer Rexford, ACM Sigmetrics, Jun 2004

A RIS-based System for the Visualization of Routing Flaps
Maurizio Patrignani, RIPE-43 Meeting, Sep 2002

A Simple Coordination Mechanism for Interdomain Routing
Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, Thomas Anderson, NANOG-37 Meeting, Jun 2006

A Snapshot of the Global IPv6 Routing Table
Gert Döring, RIPE-52 Meeting, Apr 2006

A Study of BGP Origin AS Changes and Partial Connectivity (Powerpoint)
Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, Tom Anderson, NANOG-23 Meeting, Oct 2001

A Systematic Approach to BGP Configuration Checking
Nick Feamster, Hari Balakrishnan, NANOG-29 Meeting, Oct 2003

Active BGP Probing
Lorenzo Colitti, RIPE-50 Meeting, May 2005

Active Measurement of the AS-Path Prepending Method
Samantha Lo, Rocky K.C. Chang, NANOG-37 Meeting, Jun 2006

Advanced Traffic Analysis Techniques for Peering Networks, Utilizing Netflow
Richard A. Steenbergen, Nathan Patrick, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

Aggregation? Effect of Business Practices on the Internet Today
Philip Smith, RIPE-50 Meeting, May 2005

Allocations vs Announcements
Geoff Huston, May 2004

An Alternative Address Allocation Algorithm for IPv6
Mei Wang, RIPE-51 Meeting, Oct 2005

An Examination of the Internet's BGP Table Behaviour in 2001
Geoff Huston, Jan 2002

An Experimental Study of Delayed Internet Routing Convergence
Abha Ahuja, RIPE-37 Meeting, Nov 2000

An Overview of the Global IPv6 Routing Table
Gert Döring, RIPE-50 Meeting, May 2005

Analysis and Experimental Measurements of Internet BGP Convergence Latencies (Powerpoint)
Craig Labovitz, Abha Ahuja, Farnam Jahanian, NANOG-17 Meeting, Oct 1999

Analysis of the Youtube Prefix Hijacking Incident
Tiziana Refice, RIPE NCC, BGPlay Team, RIPE-56 Meeting, May 2008

Analyzing the Impact of Major Social Events on Internet Exchange Traffic
Yukiyasu Tarui, NANOG-38 Meeting, Oct 2006

Anycast and BGP Stability - A Closer Look at DNSMON Data
Presentation, Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE-50 Meeting, May 2005

Anycast Measurements used to Highlight Routing Instabilities
Peter Boothe, Randy Bush, NANOG-34 Meeting, May 2005

Appropriate Layer-2 Interconnection between IXPs
Keith Mitchell, NANOG-31 Meeting, May 2004

AS Number Exhaustion
J. Scott Marcus, RIPE-38 Meeting, Feb 2001

AS Numbers Exhaustion and the 4Byte Transition Plan
Geoff Huston, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

ASNs Missing in Action: A Comparision of RIR Statistics and RIS Reality
Rene Wilhelm, Henk Uijterwaal, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

AS-Path Analysis: Testing Claims of "Tier 1" Status and Examining BGP Routing Anomalies
Gaurab Raj Upadhaya, Bill Woodcock, Vijay Adhikari, Sep 2006

AS-Wide Inter-Domain Routing Policies: Design and Realization
Anja Feldmann et al, NANOG-34 Meeting, May 2005

AS112 Intro
William F. Maton Sotomayor, Sep 2008

AS4 Support for Quagga BGPd: How to deal with 4-byte AS numbers in Quagga
Jürgen Kammer, RIPE-54 Meeting, May 2007

Best Practices for Network Interconnections and Peering
Tom Scholl, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

Beyond 200 Gbps at AMS-IX
Niels Bakker, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

Beyond BGP (Powerpoint)
Dan Massey, Oct 2004

BGP 102: Scaling the Network
Avi Freedman, NANOG-15 Meeting, Feb 1999

BGP - A Route Too Far
Michael Silvin, Fredrik Söderquist, 2004

BGP Anomaly Detection in an ISP Network (Powerpoint)
Jian Wu, Z. Morley Mao, Jennifer Rexford, Jia Wang, May 2005

BGP AS Number Exhaustion
Geoff Huston, NANOG-28 Meeting, Jun 2003

BGP Communities: A Guide for Service Provider Networks
Richard A. Steenbergen, Tom Scholl, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

BGP Configuration From the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), Part I
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, NANOG-13 Meeting, Jun 1998

BGP Configuration From the Internet Routing Registry (IRR), Part II
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, NANOG-13 Meeting, Jun 1998

BGP Configuration From the Internet Routing Registry (IRR)
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, NANOG-19, Jun 2000

BGP Convergence in Much Less than a Second
Clarence Filsfils, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

BGP Data Collection and Organization (OBGP) Tool
Netsec Team at Colorado State University, Jun 2006

BGP Deaggregation Report
Philip Smith, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

BGP Enhancements for IPv6
Philip Smith, SANOG-3 Meeting, Jan 2004

BGP Extreme Routing Noise: A BGP Year in Review - 2005
Geoff Huston, RIPE-52 Meeting, Apr 2006

BGP Filtering - Myths, Legends and Reality: Peer Filtering in the Modern Backbone
Jim Deleskie, Tom Scholl, Todd Underwood, Alin Popescu, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

BGP Flap Damping - Where to now?
Philip Smith, RIPE-50 Meeting, May 2005

BGP Flaps
Unknown author, RIPE-40 Meeting, Oct 2002

BGP: Good MEDs Gone Bad!
Danny McPherson, NANOG-29 Meeting, Oct 2003

BGP MED Oscillation
Daniel Walton, NANOG-21 Meeting, Feb 2001

BGP Multihoming Guide
Philip Smith, NANOG-23 Meeting, Oct 2001

BGP Multihoming Techniques
Philip Smith, NANOG-41 Meeting, Oct 2007

BGP Network Design
Pedro Roque Marques, RIPE-49 Meeting, Sep 2004

BGP Origins: An Application of the Public Space
Eric Osterweil, Dan Massey, Beichuan Zhang, Lixia Zhang, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

BGP Route Advertisement Interval
Pedro Roque Marques, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

BGP Route Oscillation Elimination
John Scudder, NANOG-26 Meeting, Oct 2002

BGP Route Oscillation Reduction - A Single-Path Approach
Enke Chen, NANOG-26 Meeting, Oct 2002

BGP Routing Stability of Popular Destinations (Powerpoint)
Jennifer Rexford et al, Proc. Internet Measurement Workshop, Nov 2002

BGP Scalability and Troubleshooting
Daniel Walton, RIPE-42 Meeting, Apr 2002

BGP Status - An Examination of the Internet's BGP Table Behavior in 2001
Geoff Huston, Jul 2003

BGP Techniques for Internet Service Providers
Philip Smith, NANOG-44 Meeting, Oct 2008

BGP Testing: Why Be So Negative?
Brent Imhoff, Scott Poretsky, NANOG-30 Meeting, Feb 2004

BGP Troubleshooting Techniques
Philip Smith, NANOG-42 Meeting, Feb 2008

BGP Unallocated Address Route Server
Geoff Huston, RIPE-42 Meeting, Apr 2002

BGP Wedgies: Bad Policy Interactions that Cannot be Debugged
Timothy G. Griffin, RIPE-49 Meeting, Sep 2004

BGP, where are we now?
John Scudder, David Ward, RIPE-54 Meeting, May 2007

BGP-4 based Inter-Domain Routing
Pedro A. Aranda Gutiérrez, Feb 2003

BGPath: BGPlay and Beyond
Luca Cittadini, RIPE-56 Meeting, May 2008

BGPDNS: Using BGP Topology Information for DNS RR Sorting, a Scalable Way of Multi-Homing
Andre Oppermann, RIPE-41 Meeting, Jan 2002

Bogons and Bogon Filtering with Bogon Route Servers
Presentation, Dave Deitrich, NANOG-33 Meeting, Feb 2005

BST - BGP Scalable Transport
Van Jacobson, Cengiz Alaettinoglu, Kedar Poduri, NANOG-27 Meeting, Feb 2003

C-BGP: A New Approach to BGP Simulation, Part 1 (Basics)
Bruno Quoitin, Nov 2004

C-BGP: A New Approach to BGP Simulation, Part 2 (Advanced)
Bruno Quoitin, Nov 2004

Characterizing the Internet Hierarchy from Multiple Vantage Points (Powerpoint)
Jennifer Rexford et al, Jun 2002

Controlled De-Aggregation - A Successful Experiment In More Optimal Routing
Avi Freedman, NANOG-16 Meeting, May 1999

Controlling the Impact of BGP Policy Changes on IP Traffic
Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford, Jay Borkenhagen, NANOG-25 Meeting, Jun 2002

Crafting Confederations
Dan Golding, Miguel Dimayuga, NANOG-19 Meeting, Jun 2000

Customer-Triggered Real-Time Blackholes
Tim Battles, Danny McPherson, Chris Morrow, NANOG-30 Meeting, Feb 2004

Cyclops: The AS-level Connectivity Observatory
Ricardo Oliveira, Ying-Ju Chi, Mohit Lad, Lixia Zhang, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

D(3)peered: Just the Facts Ma'am - A Technical Review of Level(3)'s Depeering of Cogent
Alin Popescu Todd Underwood, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

Day in the Life of a BGP Update in Cisco IOS
Philip Smith, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

Deployment of 32 bit AS Numbers at the RIPE NCC
Henk Uijterwaal, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

Design and Implementation of a Routing Control Platform (Powerpoint)
Matthew Caesar et al, Apr 2005

Detecting Inconsistent Advertisements from Neighboring ASes
Nick Feamster, Z. Morley Mao, Jennifer Rexford, NANOG-32 Meeting, Oct 2004

Developing Clear and Realistic Policy on Portable Address Space
Nurani Nimpuno, RIPE-39 Meeting, Apr 2001

Diagnosing Network Disruptions with Network-wide Analysis
Yiyi Huang, Nick Feamster, Anukool Lakhina, Jim Xu, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

Diagnosing the Location of Bogon Filters
Randy Bush, James Hiebert, Olaf Maennel, Matthew Roughan, Steve Uhlig, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Does BGP Solve the Shortest-Paths Problem?
Timothy Griffin, NANOG-18 Meeting, Feb 2000

Effects of February Asian earthquakes on the Internet Routing Table (Part 1)
Geoff Huston, RIPE-54 Meeting, May 2007

Effects of February Asian earthquakes on the Internet Routing Table (Part 2)
Alin Popescu, Todd Underwood, Earl Zmijewski, RIPE-54 Meeting, May 2007

Eliminating Packet Loss Caused by BGP Convergence
Nate Kushman, Srikanth Kandula, Dina Katabi, Bruce Maggs, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

Evaluation of BGP Anomaly Detection and Robustness Algorithms
Kotikapaludi Sriram, Doug Montgomery, Oliver Borchert, Okhee Kim, Patrick Gleichmann, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

Experience with Delaying BGP Updates
Christian Panigl, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

Exterior Routing 201: The Full Picture
Howard Berkowitz, NANOG-21 Meeting, Feb 2001

Fast IGP Convergence
Clarence Filsfils, RIPE-47 Meeting, Jan 2004

Fast Scoped Rerouting for BGP
Roland Bless, Götz Lichtwald, Markus Schmidt, Martina Zitterbart, Sep-Oct 2003

From BGPlay to iBGPlay: Graphical Inspection of Your Routing Data
Maurizio Pizzonia, BGPlay Team, RIPE-55 Meeting, Oct 2007

Geographic Locality of IP Prefixes
Mythili Vutukuru, Michael J. Freedman, Nick Feamster, Hari Balakrishnan, 2005

Geographical Aggregation in IPv6 to Support Multihoming
Iljitsch van Beijnum, RIPE-46 Meeting, Sep 2003

Ghost Route Busters - Introduction
Jeroen Massar, RIPE-44 Meeting, Jan 2003

Ghost Route Busters, IPv6 Routing Table Anomalies
Jeroen Massar, RIPE-46 Meeting, Sep 2003

Ghost Route Hunter
Jeroen Massar, RIPE-47 Meeting, Jan 2004

Globally Distributed Content (Using BGP to Take Over the World)
Simon Horman, Nov 2001

Happy Packets: Some Initial Results
Randy Bush et al, RIPE-49 Meeting, Sep 2004

Have we Reached 1000 Prefixes Yet? A Snapshot of the Global IPv6 Routing Table
Gert Döring, RIPE-41 Meeting, Oct 2007

Higher Speed Ethernet - 40G vs 100G
Richard Steenbergen et al, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Hot Potatoes Heat Up BGP Routing
Renata Teixeira, RIPE-51 Meeting, Oct 2005

How to Multi-Home (Powerpoint)
Avi Freedman, Unknown date

Hunting the Bogon
Geoff Huston, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

iBGPlay: A System/Service for Monitoring your BGP Routing
Maurizio Pizzonia, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

Identifying Problematic Inter-domain Routing Issues
Olaf Maennel, Anja Feldmann, NANOG-24 Meeting, Feb 2002

IETF Routing and Addressing Activities Update
Olaf Kolkman, RIPE-54 Meeting, May 2007

Impact of BGP Dynamics on Intra-Domain Traffic Patterns in the Sprint IP Backbone
Sharad Agarwal, Chen-Nee Chuah, Supratik Bhattacharyya, Christophe Diot, NANOG-27 Meeting, Feb 2003

Implementing a Bogon Filter Detection Service
Steve Uhlig, Randy Bush, Olaf Maennel, James Hiebert, Matthew Roughan, RIPE-55 Meeting, Oct 2007

Implementing BGP in OpenBSD
Henning Brauer, FOSDEM Conference, Feb 2004

Implementing Global Network Mobility using BGP
Benjamin Abarbanel, NANOG-31 Meeting, May 2004

Inherently Safe Backup Routing with BGP (Powerpoint)
Lixin Gao et al, Apr 2001

Inter-AS Traffic Engineering Case Studies as Requirements for IPv6 Multihoming Solutions
Jason Schiller, NANOG-34 Meeting, May 2005

Interconnection Strategies for ISPs
Bill Norton, NANOG-16 Meeting, May 1999

Interdomain Routing with BGP4 - Part 1: Organization of the global Internet
Olivier Bonaventure/TOTEM Project, Nov 2004

Interdomain Routing with BGP4 - Part 2: BGP Basics
Olivier Bonaventure/TOTEM Project, Nov 2004

Interdomain Routing with BGP4 - Part 3: BGP in large networks
Olivier Bonaventure/TOTEM Project, Nov 2004

Interdomain Routing with BGP4 - Part 4: Interdomain traffic engineering with BGP
Olivier Bonaventure/TOTEM Project, Nov 2004

Interdomain Routing with BGP4 - Part 5: BGP-based Virtual Private Networks
Olivier Bonaventure/TOTEM Project, Nov 2004

International Research & Education (R & E) Transit
Chris Robb, 2006

Internet Number Resource: Status Report
APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE NCC, RIPE-47 Meeting, Jan 2004

Internet Routing Table Analysis Update
Philip Smith, RIPE-37 Meeting, Sep 2000

Internet Routing Table Analysis Update
Philip Smith, RIPE-42 Meeting, Apr 2002

Internet Routing Table Analysis Update
Philip Smith, RIPE-41 Meeting, Jan 2002

Internet Routing Verification
John Ioannidis, 55th IETF Proceedings, Nov 2002

Internet Video: The Next Wave of Massive Disruption to the U.S. Peering Ecosystem
William B. Norton, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Internet-scale BGP Simulation
Maciek Wojciechowski, Benno Overeinder, Guillaume Pierre, Maarten van Steen, RIPE-56 Meeting, May 2008

Intro to BGP (Tutorial) (Powerpoint)
Avi Freedman, Oct 1998

Introduction to the Border Gateway Protocol
Paul Ferguson, NANOG-9 Meeting, Feb 1998

Introduction to the Routing Information Service (RIS)
Matthew Williams, RIPE-42 Meeting, Apr 2002

Introduction to Routing - How Traffic Flows on the Internet
Philip Smith, RIPE NCC Regional Meeting, Dec 2003

Investigating AS112 Routing and New Server Discovery
Evan Wright, Sep 2008

IP Routing Protocol Scalability - Theory and Examples
Alvaro Retana, NANOG-23 Meeting, Oct 2001

IPv4 Address Lifetime Expectancy Revisited
Geoff Huston, RIPE-51 Meeting, Oct 2005

IPv4 Address Space Allocation and Usage Trends
Scott Marcus, NANOG-22 Meeting, May 2001

IPv4 Prefix Lengths - Some Observations and Trends
René Wilhelm, Antony Antony, RIPE-56 Meeting, May 2008

IPv6 Addressing and Routing Protocols with Configuration Examples for IOS and JunOS
Philip Smith, Ron Bonica, NANOG-41 Meeting, Oct 2007

IPv6 Deployment Scenarios & Case Studies
Salman Asadullah, Ciprian Popoviciu, NANOG-32 Meeting, Oct 2004

IPv6 Multihoming Status
Kurtis Lindqvist, RIPE-51 Meeting, Oct 2005

IPv6 Multihoming using PA Space
Iljitsch van Beijnum, RIPE-53 Meeting, Oct 2006

IRR Analysis Service
Massimo Rimondini, Tiziana Refice, RIPE-53 Meeting, Oct 2006

IRR Power Tools: a Utility for Managing Internet Routing Registry Filters
Richard Steenbergen, NANOG-36 Meeting, Feb 2006

ISP Essentials - Essential IOS Features Every ISP Should Consider (includes BGP hints)
Philip Smith, SANOG-2 Meeting, Jul 2003

ISP Route Filtering: Responsibilities & Technical Challenges
Danny McPherson, Richard Steenbergen, Warren Kumari, Larry Blunk, Ruediger Volk, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

Pedro Roque Marques, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

Link-Rank: A Tool for Diagnosis of BGP Routing Dynamics
Mohit Lad, Dan Massey, Lixia Zhang, NANOG-32 Meeting, Oct 2004

Looking Glasses Overview
Steve Gibbard, NANOG-33 Meeting, Feb 2005

Making an AS Route Like a Single Node
Rui Zhang-Shen, Jennifer Rexford, Yi Wang, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

Making Sense of BGP
Tina Wong, Van Jacobson, Cengiz Alaettinoglu, NANOG-30 Meeting, Feb 2004

Maximum Prefix Tripping: The Side Effects of Leaking on the Internet
Tom Scholl, NANOG-38 Meeting, Oct 2006

Measuring the Autonomous System Path Through the Internet (Powerpoint)
Jennifer Rexford et al, Mar 2004

Modeling the Border Gateway Protocol (Powerpoint)
Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, George Riley, 2003

Modeling the Routing of an ISP with C-BGP
Bruno Quoitin, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Morpheus: Enabling Flexible Interdomain Routing Policies
Yi Wang, Ioannis Avramopoulos, Jennifer Rexford, NANOG-42 Meeting, Feb 2008

Negotion-Based Routing
Ratul Mahajan, Workshop on Internet Routing Evolution and Design, Oct 2003

Nemecis: A Tool to Analyze the IRR Registries
Georgos Siganos, Michalis Faloutsos, RIPE-48 Meeting, May 2004

Network-Wide Decision Making: Toward a Wafer-Thin Control Plane (Powerpoint)
Jennifer Rexford et al, Nov 2004

Observation and Analysis of BGP Behavior Under Stress
Lan Wang, Randy Bush, et al, NANOG-26 Meeting, Oct 2002

Observations on Redundant BGP Traffic and Flaps from the RIPE RIS Collectors
Alexander L. Tudor, RIPE-43 Meeting, Sep 2002

Observed Properties of BGP Convergence
Olaf Maennel, Alexander Tudor, Sara Bürkle, Anja Feldmann, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

OPCA: Robust Interdomain Policy Routing and Traffic Control (Powerpoint)
Sharad Agarwal et al, IEEE OpenArch, Apr 2003

Open Issues with IPv6 Routing & Multihoming
Vince Fuller, Jason Schiller, NANOG-37 Meeting, Jun 2006

OpenBGPD, a New Approach to BGP, and its Implementation at the DE-CIX
Bernhard Kroenung, Hennig Brauer, NANOG-36 Meeting, Feb 2006

OpenBGPD and OpenNTPD (combined talk)
Henning Brauer, Dec 2004

Optical Switching at AMS-IX - A Great Tool in Platform Migration
Romeo Zwart, NANOG-32 Meeting, Oct 2004

Optimal External Route Selection: Tips and Techniques for ISPs
Avi Freedman, NANOG-14 Meeting, Nov 1998

Oregon Route Views and AMSIX - Comparative Analysis of BGP Update Metrics
Alexander Tudor, RIPE-46 Meeting, Sep 2003

Passive Internet Health Monitoring with BGP
Dennis McGrath, NANOG-29 Meeting, Oct 2003

Path Splicing with Network Slicing
Nick Feamster, Murtaza Motiwala, Santosh Vempala, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Peering BOF I
Moderator: Bill Norton, NANOG-17 Meeting, Oct 1999

Peering BOF II
Moderator: Bill Norton, NANOG-19 Meeting, Jun 2000

Peering BOF III
Moderator: Bill Norton, NANOG-20 Meeting, Oct 2000

Peering Dragnet: Examining BGP Routes Received from Peers
Nathan Patrick, Tom Scholl, Aman Shaikh, Richard Steenbergen, NANOG-38 Meeting, Oct 2006

Peering Evolution: Trends in Internetwork Peering
Dan Golding, NANOG-27 Meeting, Feb 2003

Peering Planning Cooperation without Revealing Confidential Information
Thomas Telkamp, RIPE-52 Meeting, Apr 2006

Peering Wars: Lessons Learned from the Cogent-Telia De-peering
Martin A. Brown, Alin Popescu, Earl Zmijewski, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

Terry Rodery, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Performing BGP Experiments on a Semi-Realistic Internet Environment
Ke Zhang et al, NANOG-32 Meeting, Oct 2004

Persistent Route Oscillation - Issues and Solutions
Sue Hares, NANOG-26 Meeting, Oct 2002

Practical Verification Techniques for Wide-Area Routing
Nick Feamster, Nov 2003

Prefix List Sanity Checker: A Free Online Tool by and for Network Operators
Bill Woodcock, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

Proposed Changes to the BGP Specification
John Scudder, NANOG-20 Meeting, Oct 2000

Protection and Fault Recovery at Internet Peering Points using 802.1ag CFM
Rahul Vir, NANOG-4 Meeting, Oct 2007

Provider Independent Address Space Assignments in the RIPE Region
Andrea Cima, RIPE-53 Meeting, Oct 2006

Quaking Tables: The Taiwan Earthquakes and the Internet Routing Table
Alin Popescu, Todd Underwood, Earl Zmijewski, NANOG-39 Meeting, Feb 2007

Rcat: Root Cause Analysis Tool
Anthony Lambert, Mickael Meulle, Marc-Oliver Buob, NANOG-43 Meeting, Jun 2008

rcc: Router Configuration Checker
Nick Feamster, Hongyi Hu, Hari Balakrishnan, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

Real-time Blackhole Analysis with Hubble
Ethan Katz-Bassett et al, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Real-time Global Routing Metrics
Jim Cowie, Andy Ogielski, BJ Premore, Eric Smith, Todd Underwood, NANOG-30 Meeting, Feb 2004

Redistribution Communities for Interdomain Traffic Engineering
B. Quoitin, O. Bonaventure, NANOG-25 Meeting, Jun 2002

Revisiting AS-Ranking
Mickael Meulle, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Revisiting Interdomain Root Cause Analysis from Multiple Vantage Points
Anthony Lambert, Mickael Meulle, Jean-Luc Lutton, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

RIS Update
Erik Romijn, RIPE-55 Meeting, Oct 2007

RISwhois: A New Tool for the Routing Information Service
René Wilhelm, RIPE-47 Meeting, Jan 2004

Route Aggregation Recommendations
Philip Smith, Rob Evans, Mike Hughes, RIPE-53 Meeting, Oct 2006

Route Flap Damping: Harmful?
Randy Bush, Tim Griffin, Zhuoqing Morley Mao, NANOG-26 Meeting, Oct 2002

Route-Flow Fusion: Making Traffic Measurement Useful
Van Jacobson, Haobo Yu, Bruce Mah, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

Route-Views Update
John Heasley, NANOG-29 Meeting, Oct 2003

Routing Announcements: Are Small Prefixes Globally Routable?
Alin Popescu, Todd Underwood, Earl Zmijewski, NANOG-41 Meeting, Oct 2007

Routing Information Service (RIS) - Status and Plans
Matthew Williams, RIPE-49 Meeting, Sep 2004

Routing Policy Implementation Guide
Daniel Golding, NANOG-24 Meeting, Feb 2002

Routing Policy Specification Language/IRR Tutorial
Cengiz Alaettinoglu, NANOG-17 Meeting, Oct 1999

Routing Protocols: RIP, IS-IS, OSPF, and BGP (Powerpoint)
Prof. Gao, Fall 2003

Routing Scalability in Backbone Networks
Enke Chen, NANOG-15 Meeting, Jan 1999

João Damas, RIPE-43 Meeting, Sep 2002

RPSL - Practical Tool for ISPs?
Andy Linton, RIPE-43 Meeting, Sep 2002

S-BGP Workshop Topology / Demonstration (Powerpoint)
BBN Technologies, Internetwork Research Department, Jan 2003

Scaling and other new BGP Features
Mark Turner, NANOG-13 Meeting, Jun 1998

Scaling Issues with IPv6 Routing & Multihoming
Vince Fuller, RIPE-53 Meeting, Oct 2006

Shim6: Network Operator Concerns
Jason Schiller, NANOG-35 Meeting, Oct 2005

Some Observations on Internet Routing (Powerpoint)
Abha Ahuja, Craig Labovitz, NANOG-15 Meeting, Jan 1999

Stable Internet Route Selection
Brighten Godfrey, Matthew Caesar, Ian Haken, Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica, NANOG-40 Meeting, Jun 2007

Studying Black Holes on the Internet with Hubble
Ethan Katz-Bassett, RIPE-56 Meeting, May 2008

The Anatomy of a Leak: AS9121
Alin C. Popescu, Brian J. Premore, Todd Underwood, NANOG-34 Meeting, May 2005

The Art of Peering: The Peering Playbook
William B. Norton, RIPE-45 Meeting, May 2003

The Future of IP Addressing
Joe Abley, SANOG1 Meeting, Jan 2003

The Netlantis Project - Realtime Analysis and Representation of BGP Routing Tables
Pascal Gloor, Philippe Bourcier, RIPE-46 Meeting, Sep 2003

The Problem with BGP
Craig Labovitz, Abha Ahuja, et al, NANOG-18 Meeting, Feb 2000

The Problems with Using "asdot" to Represent 4-byte ASNs
João Damas, Paul Jakma, RIPE-55 Meeting, Oct 2007

Topology Inference from BGP Routing Dynamics
David Andersen et al, Internet Measurement Workshop, 2002

Towards an Improvement of BGP Failure Handling
Roland Bless, Götz Lichtwald, Martina Zitterbart, 2003

Towards Root Cause Analysis of BGP Routing Dynamics
Matthew Caesar, Lakshmi Subramanian, Randy H. Katz, NANOG-30 Meeting, Feb 2004

Traffic Engineering for ISP Networks (Powerpoint)
Jennifer Rexford, Conference on Stochastic Networks, Jun 2000

Traffic Engineering on a Multihoming Environment
Fernando García, RIPE-55 Meeting, Oct 2007

Troubleshooting BGP with Juniper Examples
Joseph M. Soricelli, NANOG-27, Feb 2003

TTM AS-Level Traceroutes - Matching IPs to ASes
René Wilhelm, RIPE-46 Meeting, Sep 2003

Understanding BGP Misconfiguration
Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, Tom Anderson, Aug 2002

Update on BGP Damping
Geoff Huston, RIPE-55 Meeting, Oct 2007

Update on the RADB Internet Routing Registry Service
Craig Labovitz, NANOG-17 Meeting, Oct 1999

Verification of Zebra as a BGP Measurement Instrument
Hongwei Kong, Lance Tatman, RIPE-46 Meeting, Sep 2003

Verifying Wide-Area Routing Configuration
Nick Feamster, Hari Balakrishnan, NANOG-31 Meeting, May 2004

Wide-Area Routing: The Devil is in the Configuration
Nick Feamster, Workshop on Internet Routing Evolution and Design, Oct 2003


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